We created these top 100+ Important Python MCQ quiz  questions as a fun way for you to check your learning progress and to test your skills. You can practice this quiz set several times as you want.

Each quiz takes you through a series of 20 questions. All of them are multiple choice and some of these will ask you to identify actual Python code to answer the questions. As you make your way through each quiz, it keeps score of which questions you answered correctly.

At the end of each quiz you receive a score of your test. There is no time limit to attempt the quiz.You can attempt the quiz several times to improve your score with each run.

All of these quizzes were created for python beginner and learners and specially for data science aspirant to ensure you’re learning the skills and techniques. This python multiple choice questions will help to improve your python skill and knowledge and prepare you for upcoming exams.

Test your Knowledge

Python MCQ Set-1

Python MCQ Set – 2

Python MCQ Set-3

Best of luck

Python MCQs Set- 4

Python MCQs Set-5


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