In this python program, we will print welcome message in python, which can take input from user and display appropriate message depending upon the user-entered input.

In this program,we will use input method and print method. Input method will ask user to input welcome message and print method will display welcome message on output screen .So both method are very important to execute said programs.

Program Logic:

  • Take input from user using input method
  • Assign the input taken using input method in some variable
  • Display the value which we have taken from user using print method

This are the steps which we are going to follow to execute the above program

First,we will create variable say message. Name of variable can be anything. you can use any variable name but name of variable should be relevant to program.

Second,we will use input method. What input method will do? It will take input from user and store value in variable that you defined. Input method also convert the value into string before storing that value in variable.

Lastly ,we will use print method to print welcome message on python console. We will pass variable say message to print method to display greeting message on output screen.

Lets Make input message and display it

Below is implementation code/Source code

# python program to print welcome message
message = input("Enter your Greeting Message :")
print("The message you entered is :",message)

Below is Output

Python 3.7.9 (bundled)
>>> %Run 'greet'
Enter your Greeting Message :Welcome to my new website
The message you entered is : Welcome to my new website

Below is Snapshot of Executable code with output

print welcome message

This is how we can print welcome message in Python.


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