Write a python program to write student record into binary file with Practical Example

Program Description:

This program writes student records into binary file

Program Logic:

  • Include pickle module in program using import statement
  • Declare empty list to store the record
  • Give the roll number and name of student from user one by one and store the values in variables roll and name respectively
  • Create dictionary say ‘student’ and store student record one by one into it
  • Use append method to write student record into empty list say’student’ and pass student dictionary as an argument to append method
  • Ask user to add more record into binary file and store value in variable say ‘choice’
  • If user want to add more record then take data from user using while loop
  • If user do not want to add more record into binary file then skip the above process
  • Collect student record from user and store in the form of list
  • Open binary file say ‘student.dat’ in write and binary mode
  • Write list data into binary file using dump method and pass lst and file as an argument to dump method
  • Close binary file ‘student.dat’ using close() function.

Below is implementation code/Source code:

Here is program to write student record into binary file ‘student.dat’. The output is also shown below.

import pickle
lst =[]
while True:
    roll = input("Enter roll number:")
    name = input("Enter name of student:")
    student = {"roll" :roll,"sname":name}
    choice = input("Want to add more record(y/n):")
    if (choice=='n'):
file = open("student.dat",'wb')

Below is snapshot of executable code with output:


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