CBSE Class XI Informatics Practices Syllabus

Informatics Practices



Unit 1:

Introduction to Computer System

● Introduction to computers and computing: evolution of computing devices, components of a computer system and their interconnections, Input/Output devices.

● Computer Memory: Units of memory, types of memory – primary and secondary, data deletion, its recovery and related security concerns.

● Software: purpose and types – system and application software, generic and specific purpose software.

Unit 2:

Introduction to Python

● Basics of Python programming, Python interpreter – interactive and script mode, the structure of a program, indentation, identifiers, keywords, constants, variables, types of operators, precedence of operators, data types, mutable and immutable data types, statements, expressions, evaluation of expressions, comments, input and output statements, data type conversion, debugging,

● Control statements: if-else, for loop.

● List operations – creating, initializing, traversing and manipulating lists, list methods and built-in functions.: len(), list(), append(), extend(), insert(), count(), find(), remove(), pop(), reverse(), sort(), sorted(), min(), max(), sum()

● Dictionary: concept of key-value pair, creating, initializing, traversing, updating and deleting elements, dictionary methods and built-in functions: len(), dict(), keys(), values(), items(), get(), update(), clear(), del()