CBSE Class XII Computer Science Syllabus

CBSE Class XII Computer Science Syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) has released subject-wise syllabus for Class -12 which is applicable for session 2021-2022.Here we have provided CBSE theory and practical syllabus for Computer Science subjects. According to most recent circular,the board would hold CBSE class 12 exams in two terms,each with 50% syllabus.The term-wise practical and theory syllabus is given below

Class XII Computer Science Theory Syllabus for Term-1


Unit-wise Syllabus

Unit I:

Computational Thinking and Programming – 2

Revision of Python topics covered in Class XI.

Functions: types of function (built-in functions, functions defined in module, user defined functions), creating user defined function, arguments and parameters, default parameters, positional parameters, function returning value(s), flow of execution, scope of a variable (global scope, local scope)

Introduction to files: types of files (Text file, Binary file, CSV file), relative and absolute paths

Text file: opening a text file, text file open modes (r, r+, w, w+, a, a+), closing a text file, opening a file using with clause, writing/appending data to a text file using write() and writelines(), reading from a text file using read(), readline() and readlines(), seek and tell methods, manipulation of data in a text file

Binary file: basic operations on a binary file: open using file open modes (rb, rb+, wb, wb+, ab, ab+), close a binary file, import pickle module, dump() and load() method, read, write/create, search, append and update operations in a binary file

CSV file: import csv module, open / close csv file, write into a csv file using csv.writerow() and read from a csv file using csv.reader( )

Please check link for Term-2 Computer Science XII Unit-wise Syllabus

Term-2 Computer Science XII Syllabus