Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus

Informatics Practices



Unit 1:

Data Handling using Pandas and Data Visualization

Data Handling using Pandas -I

  • Introduction to Python libraries– Pandas, Matplotlib.
  • Data structures in Pandas – Series and data frames.Series: Creation of series from dictionary, scalar value; mathematical operations; series attributes, head and tail functions; selection, indexing and slicing.
  • Data Frames: creation of data frames from dictionary of series, list of dictionaries, text/CSV files, display, iteration. Operations on rows and columns: add ( insert /append) , select, delete (drop column and row), rename, Head and Tail functions, indexing using labels, Boolean indexing. Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization : Purpose of plotting, drawing and saving of plots using Matplotlib (line plot, bar graph, histogram). Customizing plots:; adding label, title, and legend in plots.

Unit 4:

Societal Impacts

  • Digital footprint, net and communication etiquettes,
  • Data protection, intellectual property rights (IPR), plagiarism, licensing and copyright,
  • Free and open source software (FOSS),
  • Cybercrime and cyber laws, hacking, phishing, cyber bullying, overview of Indian IT Act.
  • Ewaste: hazards and management. Awareness about health concerns related to the usage of technology.