Practical File for Class 12 CS

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Python Programs with Output are provided in this tutorial. Students who are pursuing 12th can refer to this page for practical files of python programs in order to prepare and learn well for the board exams. Basically, the Class XII python practical file must have 20 python programs. But today, in this tutorial, we are going to compile some of the important python programs for class 12 CBSE computer science.


Here are some of the python programs for class 12 pursuing students. Just take a look at them before kickstarting your programming preparation for board exams. Click on the available links and directly jump into the respective python program to understand & continue with other programs that are listed in the
CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Python Programming Practical File.

  1. Program to print multiplication table of any number
  2. Program to check whether it is palindrome or not
  3. Program to create random number generator which generate random number between 1 and 6
  4. Program to write user defined function to swap two number and display number before swapping and after swapping
  5. Python Program to calculate arithmetic operation on two number using user defined function
  6. Python Program to Calculate diameter and area of circle using user defined function
  7. Python Program to read text file and find out longest word from file
  8. Python Program to count number of words in a file
  9. Python program to write those lines which have the character ‘P’ from one text file to another text file
  10. Python program to get file size in bytes
  11. Python program to read file line by line and store all the contents of file into array
  12. Python program to write student data in binary file
  13. Python program to delete student data from binary file
  14. Python program to modify or update student data from binary file
  15. Python program to get mode and encoding format of file
  16. Python program to search specific data in binary file
  17. Python program to create list of email ids and write list into text file
  18. Python program to select word randomly from text file and store it in another file.
  19. Python program to read all the contents of CSV file and display only specific columns
  20. Python program to write python list to CSV file and display the contents.
  21. Python program to read text file line by line and display each word separated by #
  22. Python program to remove all the lines that contain the character ‘a’ in a file and write it to another file

Check below

CBSE 12 Computer Science practical file term-2 with complete solutions