Python program to generate random number

Program to generate random number between 1 and 6 with practical example.

Program Description:

In this program,we have used random module to generate random number. randint() method is used to generate sequence of random number

Program Logic:

  • Import random module in program using import statement
  • Use randint function of random module to generate random number and store it in variable ‘n’
  • Ask user to enter number between 1 to 6 using input method
  • Use if condition to check whether given number is random number or not
  • If given condition is TRUE then print Congratulation message on screen.
  • If given condition is FALSE then print Sorry message on screen

Below is implementation code/source code

import random
n = random.randint(1,6)
guess = int(input("Enter a number between 1 to 6:"))
if n == guess:
else :
    print("Sorry,Try again\n Original number is",n)

Note : we may get different output because this program generates random number in range 0 and 6. 


Enter a number between 1 to 6:2
Sorry,Try again
Original number is 5

Enter a number between 1 to 6:1

Below is Snapshot of Executable code with Output

python program to generate random number

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