Python program to print multiplication table of any number

Write a python Program to print multiplication table of any number with Practical Example

Program Description

In the program, user is asked to enter the number and the program prints the multiplication table of the input number using for loop. The loops run from 1 to 10 and the input number is multiplied by the loop counter in each step to display the steps of multiplication table.

Program Logic:

  • Take the number from user using int(input()) function
  • Store it in variable say num
  • Use for loop in combination with range function to iterate 10 times and multiply number with value of i
  • Print the multiplication table as output

Below is the implementation code :

# Python Program to Print Multiplication Table of a Number

num = int(input("Enter the number : "))

for i in range(1, 11):
   print(num, 'x', i, '=', num*i)

Below is snapshot of executable code with output

python program to print multiplication table of any number
Source code

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