Python program to write list into file

Write a python program to create list of email-ids and write it into text file with Practical Example

Program Logic:

  • Import random module in program using import statement
  • Create list object to store different set of email-ids into it
  • Ask user to enter email_ids and store it into variable ‘value’ using input method
  • Append list with values entered from user within for loop
  • Open text file say ’email.txt’ in write mode using open method
  • Pass filename and read mode as as argument to open method
  • Apply writelines method to write number of lines into text file say ’email.txt’
  • Pass list say ’email’ as an argument to writelines method
  • Close file ’email.txt’ using close function

Below is implementation code /Source code

import random
email =[]
num = int(input("Enter total number of email_id :"))
for i in range(1,num+1):
    value = str(input("Enter email_id :"))
print("Email_id :",email)
fp = open("email.txt","w")


Enter total number of email_id :2
Enter email_id
Enter email_id
Email_id : ['\n', '\n']

Below is Snapshot of executable code with output

Below is email.txt file

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