Read a file line by line store it into an array

Python program to read text file line by line and store it into an array with Practical Example

Program Logic:

  • Open any text file in read mode using open function and pass filename and access mode as an arguments to it
  • Create array object
  • Read text file line by line and store it into another variable say ‘data’
  • Use split method to convert line into words and store it in new variable say ‘l’
  • Use FOR loop to iterate through word by word
  • Use append method of array object within FOR loop and write word of file into it
  • Display array object using print function

Below is implementation code/Source

fin = open("book.txt","r")
array = []
data =
l = data.split()
for line in l:

Below is Output:

['Python', 'is', 'open', 'source', 'programming', 'language', 'python', 'is', 'interpreted', 'language', 'how', 'are', 'you', 'python', 'is', 'used', 'for', 'creating', 'different', 'types', 'of', 'networking', 'and', 'desktop', 'application']

Below is Executable code with output:

Below is book.txt file